Launch Your Consulting Business - Actionable Starter Kit

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The Ultimate Crash Course to Launching Your Fractional Business

After building my own $25k / month consulting business and helping thousands of others do the same, we've compiled the best practices and step-by-step instructions so you can do the same.

With this course, you'll find your first few clients and have the confidence to sustain and grow your business.

This package includes a comprehensive, action-oriented Starter Kit with an included Workbook so you'll leave this program with the actual tools you're going to use to close clients, and youre first 2-3 clients!

We cover the following 12 sections:

  1. Hone your niche
  2. Nail down your ideal client
  3. Where and how to find clients
  4. Generating inbound by establishing yourself as a thought leader
  5. Scoping out projects (with examples)
  6. Set your rate and use it to hit your financial goals
  7. Send out a proposal that closes
  8. Negotiate like a pro
  9. Use contracts to seal the deal
  10. Imposter thoughts and how to overcome them
  11. Structure for your business of 1
  12. Tax and accounting tips

In addition to these sections, we also include the templates you'll need for your business!

  • Proposal templates
  • Contract templates
  • NDAs
  • Feedback forms
  • Rates database
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Work for yourself with the ultimate flexibility. You'll get the Comprehensive Launch your Consulting Business Starter Kit to find your first few clients and grow your business. No more trial and error - get the business you've been wanting.


Launch Your Consulting Business - Actionable Starter Kit

0 ratings
I want this!